Otter Calendar

Support sea otter conservation with a 2020 sea otter calendar. 
Enjoy sea otters and river otters? Check out our combination  2020   sea otter and river otter calendar. 
Sea Otter Calendar Cover Photo
Enjoy beautiful sea otter images each month







Sea Otter and River Otter Calendar Cover Photo
Enjoy sea otters and river otters

Contribution details

Learn a new river otter or sea otter fact each month with our exclusive otter calendars. Our mini-calendars (6×8) make great stocking stuffers, work well in small spaces & can be easily carried with you.   

Is your otter calendar a gift? Be sure to give us the shipping address of your gift recipient in the Paypal interface. 

Your otter calendar contribution is tax-deductible (less the value of the calendar) & makes a difference for sea otter conservation.

Calendars will begin shipping the week of December  9.    

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Ensuring the survival of sea otters in their habitats.