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What does giving mean to you?

Give to sea otters

We know that the holidays bring about a time of giving.  

What does giving mean to you?

• Does it involve volunteering at an animal shelter, a wildlife rehabilitation center or a nonprofit organization whose mission you strongly support?
• Does it involve listening to a friend and empathizing with their plight?
• Does it involve giving a gift to someone who might be cheered by your thoughtful kindness?
• Does it involve making a donation to your favorite charity and learning about how your gift made all the difference?

For us at the Sea Otter Foundation & Trust, giving involves all of these ideas and…so much more.

We have been sparked by sea otters – and the mission of our organization, the Sea Otter Foundation & Trust to make a difference for sea otters in a completely new way – has been a guiding light for this organization.

Our funding grants have made impacts to:
• The Elkhorn Slough Foundation’s OtterCams – both increasing their streaming capacity and playing an integral role in adding sound to OtterCam1
• Seattle Aquarium’s investigation of toxicity levels in their resident sea otters as well as the Washington state wild sea otter population
• Graduate-level university research regarding:

*end-lactation syndrome in female (mother) sea otters
*nasal mites that contribute to respiratory disease – and what that might mean for humans
*the prominence of peptic ulcers in sea otters
*The ability of zoos, aquariums & other nonprofit organizations to impact the rehabilitation of non-releasable sea otter pups.

There is still work to be done for sea otters – we need you to continue our mission of ensuring the survival and recovery of sea otters in their habitats by building funds to support sea otter research, conservation & education.

Please donate today.

We thank you on behalf of sea otters and our mission.

You Otter See these Holiday gifts

We have lots of new items to make great gifts for you or your otter loving friends. 

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And don’t miss our 2019 sea otter calendar of exclusive sea otter photos. 

sea otters
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Sea otters are thankful

As many of us begin a time of thankfulness this week, we wanted to thank you, our donors, on behalf of sea otters, for the gifts you have given this year and in previous years.  You have been so generous to sea otters and the oceans in which sea otters live. 

We give you our sincerest thanks for the support you provide to the world sea otter population.  

We wish you the happiest of holidays!