Otter Adoption

Otter adoption makes a difference for sea otters.

Our plush otters or stuffed animal otters make great Christmas gifts, Holiday gifts, Birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day gifts.  Plus, order our custom sea otter face masks!

The proceeds from your otter adoption donation benefit sea otters. Here is how.   Each year, Sea Otter Foundation & Trust (SOFT) gives funding awards to sea otter biologists and sea otter conservation and education programs.     As an all-volunteer based 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we guarantee that all donations go directly and specifically to help sea otters recover in their Pacific Ocean habitats.   Click here to learn more!

Our past award recipients include  Alaska SeaLife Center, Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, Elkhorn Slough Foundation’s OtterCams, The Marine Mammal Center, Oregon Zoo, Oregon Wild, Sealife R3, Sonoma State University, Stanford University Graduate student, Richard Grewelle, TEAM Ocean and multiple University of California Santa Cruz & University of California Davis Graduate students.

Outside the USA? You need to see our virtual-only sea otter adoption policy here.

Adoption Levels (see details on site)
Our Otter You Want to Adopt
Gift? Name of Recipient
Special Note(s)

sea otters - slidey jr available


$25.00 adoption level

Receive any plush sea otter or river otter (Please select from the dropdown menu). 

Certificate of Otter Adoption

Otter story of survival

Includes details on how you can make a difference for sea otters no matter where you live.

(Multiple requests of single $25 otter adoption donations are honored separately as ordered and will not receive higher-level benefits or any reduction in shipping charges).

$55.00 adoption level
Upgrade: A sea otter photograph and our sea otter sports backpack (shown below):

sea otter sports backpack





Receive any plush sea otter or plush river otter  (Please select from the dropdown menu).

Certificate of Otter Adoption

Otter story of survival

$65.00 adoption level
Upgrade: our custom sea otter face mask (shown below)

face mask sea otter





Receive any plush sea otter or plush river otter  (Please select from the dropdown menu).

All items in the $55 level

$100.00 adoption level
Upgrade: two sea otter face masks and the 2021 sea otter calendar (shown below):

sea otter calendar






Receive any plush sea otter or plush river otter (Please select from the dropdown menu). 

All items in the $55 level

Sea otter calendars (and therefore this level of adoption) will begin shipping the week of November 30 – December 4.

Want just our 2021 sea otter calendar or just our sea otter face mask? Click here.

Important note: we send confirmation & shipping notifications via e-mail addresses using the URL:; please ensure your e-mail server does not automatically delete these as spam or junk.

International Shipping change for 2020:

For all addresses outside of the United States of America, we are switching to virtual sea otter adoptions only. We apologize, but there are no exceptions. We will send you an e-mail of the sea otter adoption certificate as well as more information regarding how our organization is helping sea otters, but will not ship plush stuffed animals or documents to you at this time.     We sincerely appreciate your donation at any level during this global crisis.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.

General information: 

If you’d prefer to adopt by phone or have questions,  contact us at 303-475-1805 (USA only); otherwise use the secure PayPal button at the top of the page.

Your symbolic otter adoption is a donation and can not be refunded once shipped. 

We do our best to ship within 48-72 hours. During busy holiday times, please allow 4-5 days for shipment confirmation.  Don’t forget to ensure your e-mail can receive our messages – add to your safe sender list.

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