New Stuffed Sea Otter Coming Soon

“Morro” the cube sea otter

Adopt this cute sea otter stuffed animal as of June 30th! 

Until then, see our other sea otter plush adoption options here

Morro will come with his own adoption story,  certificate of adoption and another fun sea otter gift.    

Our thanks to Cube Critters and Breathless Bloom (via for designing this special edition sea otter for us.  

All adoptions benefit sea otter conservation and sea otter education. See our who we fund page. 

Recycling Program for non-recyclable items

Like all trash, energy bar wrappers can cause problems for sea otters in the ocean. Start a collection where you are, send them to us, we’ll recycle them & benefit sea otters at the same time!

For information on recycling energy bar wrappers or any other trash listed here, contact us at

Ensuring the survival of sea otters in their habitats.